What goes into Bear Ridge Soaps' products?


At Bear Ridge Soaps, I try to make responsible decisions that are better for my customers and the environment.  I use recyclable cardboard packaging for my soaps, and my bags are made from recycled paper.  


I use high quality, skin safe ingredients in all products.   I choose fragrance oils which are paraben and phthalate-free.  The palm oil I use is certified sustainably harvested to prevent further deforestation.  Glitter is biodegradable and ecofriendly, meaning it is made from cellulose rather than plastic to avoid contaminating waterways.


These are all small decisions, but a large number of small decisions can make a big difference!   If you have any questions about ingredients or products, please contact me.

ALLERGENS: All Bear Ridge Soaps ingredients are set out for each product.   Please check labels carefully to confirm if allergens may be present or contact me directly with questions or concerns. 


NOTE: If you have an allergy that prevents use of a product (eg, allergy to fragrance oil or coconut oil), please reach out to me via CONTACT to inquire about possible substitutions.  I would love to support you in finding fun and safe products for you or your loved one!